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Set up link to goto a Tab on another page


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So kinda a two part question. 


First, is there a way to setup a link that goes to another pages "Tab" element?  Example, I have all of our tournaments setup as their own pages.  To help keep all the info organized, I have a tab at the top of the page setup for the hotels we will be staying at.  On the actual team pages, we have our tournament schedules and each tournament is linked to their respective pages. What I would like to do is also setup a link for that tournaments respective hotel, which as stated above, I have on a separate tab on that tournament page.


Now as a side note on creating links to pages.  Is there a way to create a link to a certain area on a page or another page.  Example, if I make a link to go to center of page or a certain point on another page?

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You guys are great! Always have the answers. Qucik question, when it says clear the cache on the Sports Nogin page, where would that be done at? Is that the same as clearing the browser cache? Also, what about the end user? Would the link not work until they also clear their cache?
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Just clearing the browser cache or open the page in an incognito window will usually do the trick--and this is only while you are testing your changes and updating them. When you hit the page for the first time with whatever .js you had in place, your browser caches it for faster access. So if you had made a mistake while coding and try and update it and see the results--you can't; unless you clear the cache.


End users will not need to do this--Sitebuilder page caches are set to expire I believe after either 4 or 24 hours automatically.

Rob Bedeaux (he/him/his)
Director, Partnerships & Symphony Marketing
E rob.bedeaux@nbcuni.com


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Thank you very much. This forum has been great! I already placed it on one of my test pages and it is working perfectly!


Now onto the second part of the question.  Is that something that is possible.  Example, I have directions to all of the tournaments at the bottom of the page.  If I wanted to have a link say on the team pages that goes directly to the bottom of the tournament page with the directions, is that possible?

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