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Uploading Players under Sports Mgmt


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Hi...I am new to SportsEngine and it's complete usability.  I went searching for this topic on Google and YouTube and have not been successful in my attempts.


What I am trying to do is upload an Excel sheet with Players information in the Players section of the Sport Mgmt tab.


First off...I help manage a youth rugby club So Cal.  We are required to have each player register through a website called AdeptSoft.  They manage all the team/player registrations for Southern California.  Which the association we play for is called Southern California Youth Rugby (SCYR)...


Ok...AdeptSoft has the ability to export the player information that we have already.  I didn't want to have the parents go through another registration site to complete again.


The formatted CSV I get from there, I convert to an xls.  My problem is, I don't know the format in which SportsEngine is looking for.  No matter how i format or change field names...it says it is missing a "team instance id".  Not sure how to find that id.  I have exported teams from SportsEngine and it gives me a number, but I don't if it is Team Instance ID.


I saw in a post that there is an excel format that can be used...but I have been unlucky in finding that excel file.


Please help...I will be coming up against over 100 registrations soon and don't think i want to go the manual route.


Let me know if you need more info...Thank you in advance...I appreciate any help...


Kind regards...Mike

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Hello Mike92886,


Have you went to the mapping codes tap under website tools, then schedule upload?  There you will find a listing of the league, division, and teams sportsengine id's.  When you go to this tab it will ask you for the league, season, and subseason you are wanting information about.  Hope this helps.  





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  • Moderators—SportsEngine HQ

Hi Mike.  If you have already created your Club and Teams, you can download the template that has the correct team ids in.  To do this:


  • Access the Admin Control Panel
  • Go to Sport Mgmt > Players
  • Select the Club > Season > Subseason
  • Click the Down arrow to download the template for the all teams within the subseason
  • Each Tab of the spreadsheet will represent each of the teams you have created.
  • You should be able to copy and past from your export the necessary player information.  Note - leave the Ngin Id blank....the system will add that if for you after the import
Hopefully this helps!  I can send you some screen captures if that helps too.


Jessica Pitzel 

Product Manager - Competition

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Hi Jessica...


I actually did download the player sheet for the Specific Team I was testing and received a message onscreen that I had 13 players read from file, 13 players created, 0 Updated, and 1 Team involved.  But it never showed any players.  I may be doing something wrong. 


thanks for the reply.

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