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Filter Rostered Players

Dave Edgcumbe


The new rostering tool provides a lot of information, which is good.  However I have been having trouble trying to sort out the filter/search fields.  As an example with the old rostering tool I could do a search based on the "team name" which was imbedded in the registration form.  This process was straight forward due to the fact each registration record indicated which team the player was playing on. All I had to do was filter for that team and assign the player. I cannot do that with the new rostering tool.   


The new rostering tool requires a series of filters that at times are confusing.  


The Filter criteria is as follows:

1) Select the Form.

2) Click on filter

3) Select the form again

4) Keyword search for- DOB or Gender

5) Team - This should reflect the team name selected in the Form in steps 1 and 3


Advanced Filter

6) People From - Select the same Form again from above

7) With - Select the team - same issue as in step 5

8) Options "is , is not, is blank, is not blank"

9) Select Value. 


Is there anyway of simplifying the search? Also the answer to "Which team are you playing for" question on the registration form does not appear when I want to roster players to a specific team.  Not sure if this is due to my using the old "Team Pages/Buttons" or not. 


With thanks, Dave




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