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Facebook widget?



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Not knowing how your page is set up, I can’t be sure. However, i’m betting it’s set up as a personal page and not a business. Facebook’s T&C do not allow personal pages to be inserted into a third party site.

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Rob Bedeaux (he/him/his)
Director, Partnerships & Symphony Marketing
E rob.bedeaux@nbcuni.com


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Don't worry, Please try Tagembed Facebook widget and you won't face any issue while embedding Facebook feeds on website.

Just follow the easy step-by-step guide and add Facebook feeds on your site.  

Facebook widget new.jpg 

  • Login at Facebook Widget and create a social widget
  • Navigate to ADD FEEDS and select Facebook as source to fetch feeds
  • Enter page URL or required details at the dialogue box
  • Now you will see your Facebook feeds into the widget
  • Go to EMBED WIDGET and generate embed code , copy it now
* You can customize it as well

  • Paste the copied code into website editor and your all feeds will be on your website.
  • Your issue is resolved.


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