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Google Map

Rob Bedeaux


Embedding  Google map on your site is super simple and a great way to provide location information for events, arenas, fields, etc. 


  1. Enter the address you would like to map into Google. For example, 807 Broadway St NE, Minneapolis, MN 55413
  2. Click on the maps tab
  3. Choose the 'hamburger menu' on the top left of the google map page.
  4. Select 'Share or Embed'
  5. Click on the 'Embed' tab and choose the size of map you would like (or create a custom size by entering the dimensions in pixels)
  6. Copy the code provided and place it in a code element*
  7. Go into user mode and you will have your Google Map
*I always use the title area to name what the code does since it doesn't show up in edit mode.


You can also find more settings in Google's help document here







Rob Bedeaux (he/him/his)

Director, Content Marketing & Strategy

E rob.bedeaux@nbcuni.com



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Have they put this in development to be an automatic embed in the venue element?


It would make a bunch of sense to modify the venue element to contain the correct fields (i.e. separate street address, city, state, zip) and then automatically embed the google link in the element (based on the address) so that it brings up google maps with the address automatically.


I see tons of sites that do this already, why doesn't sports engine?




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