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April Release Notes - Livestreaming & Video (SportsEngine Play)

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SportsEngine Play - Viewing Enhancements (sportsengineplay.com) 
  • Tournament Channel Improvements 
    • We create all participating teams on Tournament schedule imports
    • We display these participating teams on Tournament channel
    • We allow for filtering Teams & Videos by Level/Division to help fans find their team!
    • We allow viewers to sort videos based on date & time
  • Banner & Mid-Roll Ads 
    • Development is complete for Banner ads & video ads delivered in a play-through style experience.
      • This is only on FREE content for users without Subscription
      • We have an Upgrade path to subscribe & remove ads
  • Picture-in-Picture Highlights :frame_with_picture:
    • When a user clips a Highlight, it displays on their page while processing (a couple of seconds)
      • We display the thumbnail & video player while the user continues watching their video.
      • Users can update the name of their highlight, along with sharing and watching this highlight without leaving the page.
Creator Studio Mobile App - download for free!
  • Dynamic Text Overlay 
    • This feature allows Mobile streamers to customize typed text that will be on live streams
    • This text can be customized by - size, color, location, duration & even can include emojis 
    • To use this, simply start streaming, click the Pencil icon, and you can type a message & select customization options!
      • See screenshots below!
  • SportsEngine Schedule integration 
    • Once your teams are synched, we will pull over the scheduled games as suggested events to start streaming, eliminating the need to duplicate work.
  • Event Upload Improvements 
    • We’ve added additional fields for Event uploads to allow for proper display on channels to give members more information.
  • Livestream Widget Updates 
    • We have updated the embedded Livestream widget to direct users straight to SportsEngine Play to view videos.
    • This provides users an improved experience for viewing, highlight clipping & more!
Coming Soon 
  • SportsEngine HQ Roster Integration 
  • Free streaming paths for SportsEngine teams :free:
  • Viewing Reels (Highlight Tapes) on SportsEngine Play



Marie Fitzgerald

Director, Product Marketing

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