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Microsite Now Shows Events


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Pushed some scores to my microsite this afternoon, went to check them out and saw the new microsite view. It shows events!

It's a little non-intuitive to go to the past, but it has an infinite scroll of the current things, which is nice. I still firmly believe they need to integrate the team views with the regular site - calendar on your actual calendar, team pages populated automatically (none of this "Copy a template, enable the copy, use it, unlink it, and make 3 changes 40 times if you have 40 teams" nonsense), but this is not nothing.

Unfortunately the update broke the team view (and now I have to change my text for all my teams). It shows practices and the ONE closest upcoming game only, as opposed to all the games. That's SportsEngine HQ for you, I guess. Can never get an update without new bugs being added.

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