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...and now RSPVs are Broken


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For one of my childrens' upcoming games, I cannot even load the game in the app to RSVP. For another game I got an urgent mass text from the coach begging for RSVPs via text since no RSVPs are saving in the system so the coach had no idea who was attending a game.

Not sure if this is the most recent Season Management update, the most recent app update, or both. I am beyond frustrated. We can't schedule reliably. We can't score reliably. We can't RSVP reliably. Nothing. Works.

If anyone has any, and I do mean any workarounds I can share with my almost 30 teams playing games this weekend, please let me know. Right now it's "send an email or a text via traditional means and absolutely don't use HQ for anything."

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1 hour ago, Jenn said:

Have you figured out how to rsvp?  I have a few people on the new update but most of the team is on the old one.  All the ones who are on the new update there’s no spot to rsvp.  

I think there is a spot, but I've been doing it via Team Center or the My Sports Engine account on a computer because I find that easier. That still at least shows a list view.

Our RSVP issues appear to have resolved. I think they were bugs with interactions between the app and Season Management.

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