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Has anyone successfully used the Season Management Templates?


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Under Website -> Website Tools -> Templates there is a tab labeled "Season Management Templates." There are 3 that look interesting, "!Team Page Season Management 1" and then 2 and 3.

Only if I go to create a general page, none of those templates show up as options. I was able to copy the one I liked best, modify it, and enable it. But is that really the intended way to use these templates? Or is there something I am missing?

I think these are the "Team Page Templates" promised on the new Upcoming Season Management Releases page, but nobody at the help desk can tell me how to use them and I haven't found any relevant walk-throughs or help articles. Has anyone else figured it out?

We already have pages created painstakingly using a technique similar to the one described elsewhere on the site, but I won't argue that a template makes it a little easier. Of course having HQ automatically do it for any team not marked "Inactive" would be even better...


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