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Game and Event Reminders

Sarah Brown

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31 minutes ago, Sarah Brown said:


Is there anyway we can get game/event reminders in the mobile app? I want it to send out a reminder 45 minutes before a game or a day before a game. 



It’s supposed to send them 48 hours before, but it doesn’t seem to work for at least the league my family is in (on Seasons Management).

Team Admins can manually send them in the app. Click on the event or game then RSVPs. There’s a button that says “Send RSVP Reminder.” It will send immediately. You can’t schedule it.

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33 minutes ago, Chris C said:

RSvP seems to show the other teams RSVP and not my own, I just wish it would work properly


looks like the latest update fixed this

Thanks for the tip. I updated and it is fixed.

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