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Multiple discount codes?




I have three discount codes for my Indoor Soccer registration: early bird, siblings and returning players

Currently, the system is only applying the first discount code and NOT the triggered sibling (multiple registrants, each subsequent gets an additional 25%) and returning players cannot enter the manual code. 
How do I set this up correctly?

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I discovered the hard way that multiple automatic discount codes don't show up.

You need multiple discount codes to work around it. So if you have early bird and a discount for 2 siblings, you'll have the regular early bird. Then you'll have "Early Bird + Sibling" that includes both discounts and the requirements for both to combine. You'll also have "Sibling" that is for people who aren't early birds but have a sibling with the requirements that match date and sale items for that. Then you'll need that whole thing again if someone has 3 kids they register.

Is your returning player also an automatic discount, or are you giving out codes for that? I believe codes and automatic discounts will stack, but I haven't tried that yet - only either codes OR automatic discounts - so I'm not 100% on it.

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