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No conflict checking for anything but games?!


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Our organization put in our practices (by hand - without the repeating events that were on the roadmap for May 2023 but have yet to be released). Then we uploaded a game schedule. Due to the bug where some games get eaten by the system, we put in games that caused conflicts.

We also had games that conflicted for both team and location with practices, because some teams had games scheduled on their assigned practice nights. Guess what never showed up as a conflict for either the field or the team?

This renders the conflict checking feature nearly moot that it doesn't take into account practices. I don't know about everyone else using HQ, but our youth rec league has more practices than games by about a 3 to 1 ratio. One of the big features we need, which League Athletics had, was to make sure make-up games weren't accidentally rescheduled on top of a third team's practice. Now we've lost that entirely. This is really not OK. In addition to being buggy, Season Management is so feature-incomplete as to be nearly meaningless. We might as well pass around Excel spreadsheets or do everything via a shared Google Calendar.

In League Athletics we had:

  • Ability to put permitted dates and times and days of week into the system.
  • Ability on top of that to add blackout dates when we weren't allowed to use the field because the field owner (school or municipality) had something else going on
  • Games and events were treated basically alike.
  • Ability to add recurring games AND events with a start and stop date that had different recurrence structures, basically like you can do on any calendar app
  • Conflict checking for a location across all seasons in the system on a given day for anything else happening at that location - game or event
  • An end-of-season tournament similar to what Sports Management here had that Season Management no longer has (but it's advertised on the HQ website, so you don't know in advance that you won't get it)
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