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I am trying to access the comments section for the teams I am registered with, but starting last week I have been blocked by something called "Firebase". What is it and how do I get past it? Our team administrator does not know what it is or how to perform the whitelist function it is requesting. I am accessing the Sports Engine website using my laptop and Chrome. But am getting the same error on my 2nd laptop using MS Edge.



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Have you tried a bug report through the 'Need Help' tab that appears on the side of any SportsEngine site? Click "Contact Us" and you'll be able to chat with the help desk. They can put the bug report into the development team.

I saw something similar trying to click a link in the iCal feed provided by the mobile app.

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Thanks. There is not a "Need help" tab on the SE site we are using. All they have is a "Connect with Us" using Facebook, Twitter, etc.  I was going to try that but magically the error has gone away this morning. 2 days ago our site administrator let SE know we were having a problem. They did not respond back to him but it sounds like they may have resolved the issue.

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