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Exporting Schedule from Season Management and Adding to Calendar Page


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Is there a way to export a season's events from the season management schedule page and use that to import to the master calendar? I know this could be done under the old system, but the new system seems to have much less calendar integration.

I know about the season microsite, but I'm looking for something that will work with the home calendar (or to have automated integration, ideally).

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10 hours ago, Michael Blair said:

Bottom line - no. SE intentionally broke the prior integration between SE HQ and the website. I've posted a couple other rants in this forum about what no longer works and the SE Help Desk responses of "You can do it manually!"

At this point I'm looking for a slightly less manual option - like an iCal feed or a CSV export - but still manual. I understand there's no League Athletics like master calendar that neatly auto-updates and keeps everything across all seasons, but anything is better than nothing. My board was pretty unhappy about the lack of a master calendar and the fact that only games show up on the season microsite. And don't get my scheduler started on the lack of conflict checking between different seasons.

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I posted this elsewhere, but what I did was create a dummy SportsEngine account that I assigned to the staff of each team that I wanted included on the calendar.  I then generated an Ical link from that account and added it to the Ical feed on the website calendar.   You can't tag teams separately, but everything shows up on the calendar.

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