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I run a travel hockey website and its our first season with SportsEngine. I figured out most on my own and/or through tutotials but does anyone know how to add Tags? I have 11 teams and 11 schedules to upload and have somehow just one team's tag on the drop down menu of tags to select from. Does anyone know how to add additional Tags? Any help would be appreciated.

Screenshot 2023-08-05 130124.png

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Took me a long time to figure this one out on my own, so I'll share here.

Go to a page you'd be interested in adding tag for (like a team page). Turn on Edit mode. Switch to the Options tab.

Click 'Edit Page Details'. Turn on 'Add calendar events to this page' for calendar tags or 'Add news articles to this page' for a blog feed. In your case I assume you want calendar events.

We are on season management and there's a whole manual integration to get a public calendar on season management. A helpful forum user typed all the instructions out


The help desk might have to help you if you're still on sports management.

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