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Master Schedule for Multiple Overlapping Seasons


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This is for the new beta season management:

We typically manage our seasons based on multiple sub-leagues per type of team (house, house+, and travel). This is because different types of teams last for different lengths of time, so having one "season" for all of them doesn't make a ton of sense.

The problem is the scheduling assistant doesn't deconflict across seasons when scheduling, even though locations are separate from seasons. In addition, there's no way to see a master schedule that includes practices and other events.

Even if we shove all teams into one "season" only admins can see an overview of everything going on, and not easily. Our parents are used to being able to see a master calendar of all scheduled events all in one place, which can sometimes be very useful.

Are there ways to work around these functionality limits, or are we stuck waiting until season management beta/scheduling assist becomes a full-fledged product?

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