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Has anyone else tried using the new Sale Items vs. Store Items?


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Hi All,

Since the Store Items feature was deprecated and replaced by Sale Items, life has become way more complex.

The store items used to be able to have variations, so when I had a store selling shorts I could specify the different sizes as variations. Now each sale item only has a price, a specific number to sell, and a sku code. The knock-on effect is that for one item (a shirt), that has size ranging from youth through adult men and women, I can have up to 19 different variations. With the sale quantity fixed, i.e. 1, 2, 3, etc., I would need to have a minimum of three additional variations for each of the sizes. To just stick with 1-3 items, I have to create 57 sale items just for a single shirt. Multiplied by different items, Sale Items options quickly becomes unmanageable.

I tried the online chat help, but there doesn't seem to be any workaround to streamline the process.

I suggest that Sale items need to have variations added back in (like the store items) and when a person is placing an order they should be able to specify a quantity (with a default being 1).

I know the SE has a store option, but it doesn't work with my preferred suppliers. Therefore, the SE store is not an option for me. Having the ability to use the existing registration tools would provide flexibility to use the SE platform for order consolidation and collection of money while not locking us into specific suppliers.

Any comments regarding what other people are doing in similar situations would be appreciated.



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