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Calendar Event Tagging and API



We have several repeating practices for Private teams that we'd like to be visible on the Public calendar. Unfortunately, it seems that creating recurring events from the Schedule page instead of the website Calendar page makes them as individual events that can't be edited in bulk. This makes it annoying to add a Public page tag so that the events can be seen by non-members.

Is there a SportsEngine API to use so we can code up something to add the tags without having to go through and click hundreds of events?

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This reply is probably too late to help you at this point but this can be done very easily (without using their API).

  1. Go to HQ/Competition/Schedule Upload.
  2. Export your events (Imported and Manually Added Events).
  3. Add the tags you want to the .csv file.
  4. Reimport, with the "Replace all previously uploaded events" checkbox cleared.

Works great!

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