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Mirrored page elements



I am trying to use the mirror feature for page elements. I can successfully mirror layout containers. But I cannot add a mirrored page element. When I select add page element, there is not a section for mirrored content in the selections available.


Is there a way to use page elements that are mirrored? Or is mirroring only for layout containers.



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Thank you for the comment. In order to mirror a page element you must enable mirroring on that particular page element. You can do that when you create a page element or edit that page element to have mirroring enabled. Once you add mirroring to the page element you will want to click on the little mirror icon under the element to add it to your mirrors. Once you add it to your mirrors that page element will be selectable on the Sport Ngin mirror page element.

Here is a help article: https://help.sportsengine.com/en/articles/6513392-how-to-enable-mirroring-on-a-page-element

Thank you,



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