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Webpage Edit Mode via Mobile Device



I'm curious why the ability to edit the website via a mobile device is no longer possible.  


This is a game changer not being able to edit things from a phone while on site at the fields once decisions are made allowing us to update the website to communicate to thousands of families on the day's status of activities.


It's a huge inconvenience having to be in front of a pc to be able to do something as simple as update a text field on the main page of our website.


Not being able to do anything on a mobile device these days is getting tougher to swallow as newer better solutions continue to emerge.


Is this feature going to return?

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I am not certain this will work on all mobile devices, but Chrome on my Android device has a checkbox which tells the server that the client is on a Desktop device rather than a mobile device.  This allows you to do everything you can do on the website from a mobile device.  It's not super-convenient, but does work in a pinch.

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