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I have been having a problem for the last month with creating sales items for invoicing.  First I wasn't able to change the price to a sales item. It always went to $0 (or blank) when i clicked save.  I spoke with support a while back and they recommended just creating new items. That is messy, but ok.  Well I tried to do that and now the new items are also showing $0. 


So far I have tried:

  1. Firefox, Chrome, IE, Edge
  2. Clearing Cookies/Cache
  3. Different devices/types
  4. Different networks
  5. Restarting
  6. Logging in and out
  7. Different admin users

THe only think I can think of that I haven't tried is IOS/Safari but I dont have either of those so if it worked there it would still not be useful to me.


PLEASE help as we need to get invoiving our soon to make the first payment date.




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