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Calendar Sync only showing 2 weeks/4 events

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I've tried syncing the calendar to Google Calendar several times on both the website and the app/mobile and are having different issues. 

If I try to Sync from the website, (Schedule, then Sync Schedule in the top right) no events at all show up. This is for both options of opening in Google Calendar or Copying the webcal URL. Note that I have to do this from the "main" page and not the individual team schedule. Syncing individual team schedules would be a nice feature. 

If I try Syncing from the App and using the Google Calendar option, I only get 4 events. This isn't an issue of just waiting for it to load - I've had it synced for days. If I click on Device Calendar option, it downloads and adds all the events, but this won't be updated if there are changes correct? 

I'd like to be able to Sync a web cal link so it updates with the changes, but get more than 4 events. Also if we can add the feature to Sync teams individually, that would be ideal. 

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