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Schedule data not updating or reverting


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There seems to be a data sync issue with team names and schedules. We had to change one of the team names after the schedule was already created.  Initially it looked like the schedule would not be automatically updated. After going into one of the games however, it seemed like the actual details of the game had it correct. Once I saved that game it appeared to update the summary data for all the games. Going back in later though the summary data was back to having the old team name. I initially figured it was a timing issue and that it needed time to propagate the data across caches but days later the data is still just as messed up. I have hit the synch data button many times to make sure that wasn't the issue.

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Changing team names after the schedule is created is a mess. In our rec league we let the kids pick the names, which means the teams start out as "<Age> 'Team Name' <Color>' and we change the word 'Team Name' once names roll in. You did the right thing and it should work. Unfortunately for you the data integrity of SE's Season Management tool is horrible and so you see these issues everywhere. Team names, opponents, scores, standings, and all those things will revert or change on you.

They badly need to re-write the entire data store section of that part of the system.

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