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Team Page and Schedule using Season Management

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Hi all,

I am by no means an expert with SportsEngine, but I am really confused with Season Management. I have all of our teams setup but am now trying to create team pages on our website, primarily to publish schedules. I imported all of the games and the only way I've been able to figure out how to get the schedule on a Team Page is to paste some embed code using these instructions: https://help.sportsengine.com/en/articles/8451578-season-management-create-team-pages-on-a-website

However, the page looks awful and is very difficult to read! Here's how it turned out: https://www.electriccitybaseballacademy.org/chargersaa

I'm guessing the capability is not available after reading about some of the other limitations, but I'd like to be able to publish the schedule on a single page. It was easier and looked so much better before. You could also update with the score, etc. Has anyone found any other way to publish their schedule?


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The answer is incredibly manual but possible. If you don’t have too many teams it’s not too bad. You can do about 30 per hour once you get used to it. Instructions here: 

HQ’s competition provides team pages and a public facing master calendar with no admin effort - just happens when teams and schedules are set to live/public/posted. HQ should work on that if they want to keep business.

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