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Very disappointing in the support for HQ

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We are a youth baseball league out of Illinois who signed up with Sports Engine in 2022.   With the help of the SE sales team, we decided that our model would be able to be supported by the SE HQ platform with our website hosted with SE.   We did have some hesitation as SE would not meet all of our requirements but it was good enough that we could survive.

However, with the introduction of "Season Management" we have concluded that SE is not the right fit.  We tried our best to make it work but we kept running into issues.  The worst part about this is the lack of support we received from Sports Engine.   Lack may not be strong enough ... NON EXISTENT may be the better word.  We have tried and tried to get someone to address our issues by we have received no support. 

First, we were completely blindsided by the shift to "season management".   Our organization NEVER received ANY communication about this change.  Unfortunately as we started working with the new and "improved" season management it became apparently that our mode of operation will have to change and we could have issues.  That was okay I guess ... we kept charging ahead trying to make it work.   Registration worked fine.  No issues.  However, as our teams started entering the game schedule, that is when the troubles begin.  NOTE:  Our league DOES NOT manage fields/complexes.  We rely on our coaches to enter the game schedule.  our sales person was fully aware of this prior to us coming on board with SE.

Now, we are 4 weeks (or less) to the start of our season and we are still waiting on responses to our questions by Sales/Help.  We reported an issue on January 19th related to a discrepancy between the schedule displayed on the app and the schedule shown in HQ.  Games were NOT anywhere to be found in HQ.  We reported the issue to help and to our sales rep and we have yet to receive any response.    We have reached out to Sports Engine 3x since Jan. 19th about this issue and still nothing.

We realize that we may not be the biggest client to Sports Engine ... but we have customers TOO that rely on us to provide technical solutions that are easy for them to use and to align with the operating practices of our league.  If we cannot get the support that we've purchased, then we have to look at alternative solutions (which we have done).

I would like understand how we can request a refund for the fees we paid for 2024.  Sales will not respond to our emails.  No phone numbers were ever given.   I believe it is only fair that we be refunded our fees so we can just move on.  SE was okay for 2 years but no longer meets our needs.  I would say that SE failed to uphold their side of the bargain here.  Had we been told about upcoming changes as a result of Season Management ... we could have moved away from SE PRIOR to paying our fees.

IF anyone can help us, we would greatly appreciated.  

thanks in advance.


(Southwest Illinois Baseball)





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