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SportsEngine app crashes on Android phones


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Just started my team out on SportsEngine and all the android users have reported crashes. Really frustrating. On Android, when opening the app it shows an error at on the "Teams" page that says "Error fetching your teams". All of our android users show this same error when you select the "teams" icon on the bottom of the mobile app. If anyone on Android selects the Chats icon option on the bottom of the app, it'll load the teams just fine but when you click on our specific team, the app crashes. This bug can be repeated on every Android phone. I've already contacted support. What is going on? Should we just switch to another team app that doesn't crash? There's plenty of options out there. This is just the one that's tied into our league's website.

On iPhone, these issues don't occur and the app works okay but the list view (or agenda view) of the schedule does NOT work. It only shows calendar view which makes it really difficult to navigate through the events and RSVP quickly and easily. Not as frustrating as crashes but definitely not user friendly.

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Still no fix or response from Sports Engine besides we are working on it. Total scam app. Under staffed? No excuse! Give a discount. I recommend everyone finding a different app to run their leagues. 

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