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Adding an SPF record to SportsEngine DNS


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Hopefully someone is able to point me in the right direction with this question. 

I have contacted support but have not received a response from anyone yet. 

My soccer club utilizes gmail as our e-mail host. Our domain is registered with GoDaddy and points to the DNS servers for SportsEngine since this is where our website is hosted. We need to get an SPF txt record added to the SportEngine DNS servers so we stop receiving errors sending e-mail messages. 

I see no way to do this through the SportEngine admin website that I can find. Has anyone had any luck getting SportsEngine staff to add these SPF records? If not how are you handling this for your domain?

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I had to work with my account manager such that our gmail worked after the domain was set up. When you onboarded you should have been connected with the appropriate person. Typically I bring any specific concerns or very major concerns to my account manager.

Once I sent that email it was literally under 2 hours and our email was working again.

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