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  1. Thanks, @Kelsey Erwin, this is a good practice and what I've asked the various leagues to do. Just to be clear, however, an existing calendar feed already adds the team name automatically to the iCal feed. This is the feed you get from your own account's schedule page on the SE website (https://my.sportngin.com/user/schedule), selecting SYNC SCHEDULE and then "Other Calendar" for the iCal/webcal link. The problem with this feed is that it does not include every team — it shows me only two of four. The feed you can get from the mobile app does correctly present all teams, but does not adorn the events with the team name.
  2. @Doug Rentz, try copying a webcal link from the mobile app. I have what I'd bet is the same problem with the calendar subscription link copied from the SE website's view of all of "My Teams" — it shows me only two of four teams I'm interested in. However, under the mobile app, I can do this: Go to Schedule Press the little calendar/arrow icon in the upper right corner Select "Other Calendar" Press OK in the upper right Then my phone's clipboard has a webcal link that shows me all of my teams' calendars in one. N.B.: this calendar feed will not include team names that aren't already in the events. So, if one team schedules an event "Practice," and another does as well, you won't know which is which without clicking the detail link for more details. That's the subject of my other post in this forum.
  3. Thanks, @Jonathan Jordan. @freezinKT is right — I'm looking for a SportsEngine generated iCal link that (A) has all my teams on it, and, (B) prefixes the calendar events with the team name. The "My Teams schedule" link I get from the mobile app (on iOS) give me A but not B. Piecing together all the teams from the mobile app's individual team calendar also gives me A but not B. The S.E. website gives me a "My Teams" schedule link that has B but not A — several teams are missing.
  4. Is there an iCal feed link for multiple teams that will include the team name in the event summary? I have four teams' calendars to follow: three as a guardian of a player (parent) and one as a fan (spouse). Unfortunately, some of these teams will schedule an event named "Practice", and in the ical feed, and thus on the subscribing calendar application, I cannot tell which team it is from the event alone. That's tricky when shuttling players around. I've tried the following feeds: ical.sportsengine.com/v3/calendar/ical?team_ids=def...,987...,1a2... Does not put team name in ical event SUMMARY ical.sportsengine.com/v3/calendar/ical?uuid=123abc... Does not put team name in ical event SUMMARY my.sportngin.com/ical/my_teams/?u=123abc... Does put team name in SUMMARY but is missing two teams Any advice? Thanks.
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