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Teach your kids how to bump, set, and spike like the pros with these volleyball drills and practice tips.

Volleyball Tip of the Week: Blocking Focus and Responsibility

By Junior Volleyball Association 07/19/2018, 9:30pm CDT

Milwaukee Sting based out of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, shares a drill that works on blockers reading the attacker, closing the block and taking away a section of the court.

Volleyball Tip of the Week: Middle Blocker Transition to Attack

By Junior Volleyball Association 07/12/2018, 7:00pm CDT

Munciana Volleyball based in Yorktown, Indiana, shares a breakdown of how it trains middle blocker movement to block the pin attackers, followed by transitioning to attack. The various components are trained separately and then combined together in a gamelike drill.

Four Ways to Improve Your Team's Volleyball Game Without a Ball

By Karl Katzenberger, Junior Volleyball Association 07/11/2018, 12:00pm CDT

It's important for a coach to train the team to understand the game without the ball. It is important to be great without the ball because a player spends about 1 percent of a one-hour match actually playing the ball.

Volleyball Tip of the Week: Match Up

By Junior Volleyball Association 07/05/2018, 9:30pm CDT

Central Illinois Elite based in East Peoria, Illinois, shares a wash drill called Match-Up that is played six versus six. The defense works on defending around a single block and the offense works on efficiency and running various plays.

Volleyball Tip of the Week:Transition Offense

By Junior Volleyball Association 06/28/2018, 9:15pm CDT

692 West shares a drill that progresses and works on transition offense and the blockers footwork to set the ball to an attacker.

Volleyball Tip of the Week: Beach Blocking Transition

By Junior Volleyball Association 06/21/2018, 6:45pm CDT

Dakine Beach Volleyball Club of Tacoma, Washington, shares a drill to train blocking transition to set the attacker.

Volleyball Tip of the Week: Block Base Defense

By Junior Volleyball Association 06/14/2018, 10:45pm CDT

Ohio Valley Beach based in Cincinnati, Ohio, shares strategy, body position and movement for block base defense.

Beach Setting Basics

By Junior Volleyball Association 06/06/2018, 12:00pm CDT

Add legs and toss to self, unload legs and arms in the same rhythm so hips, knees and elbows all extend at the same time.

Volleyball Tip of the Week: Swing Blocking Progression

By Junior Volleyball Association 05/31/2018, 6:15pm CDT

Kairos Elite of Sioux Falls, South Dakota, shares a four-part blocking progression to train swing blocking to intermediate to advanced level teams.

Volleyball Tip of the Week: Beach Passing Basics

By Junior Volleyball Association 05/24/2018, 8:45pm CDT

Empowered Sports Club in Fort Wayne, Indiana, shares passing movement and progression drills for training passing in the beach and indoor.

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