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Volleyball Tip of the Week: Beach Blocking Transition

By Junior Volleyball Association 06/21/2018, 6:45pm CDT

Dakine Beach Volleyball Club of Tacoma, Washington, shares a drill to train blocking transition to set the attacker.

Volleyball Tip of the Week: Block Base Defense

By Junior Volleyball Association 06/14/2018, 10:45pm CDT

Ohio Valley Beach based in Cincinnati, Ohio, shares strategy, body position and movement for block base defense.

Volleyball Tip of the Week: Swing Blocking Progression

By Junior Volleyball Association 05/31/2018, 6:15pm CDT

Kairos Elite of Sioux Falls, South Dakota, shares a four-part blocking progression to train swing blocking to intermediate to advanced level teams.

Volleyball Tip of the Week: Beach Passing Basics

By Junior Volleyball Association 05/24/2018, 8:45pm CDT

Empowered Sports Club in Fort Wayne, Indiana, shares passing movement and progression drills for training passing in the beach and indoor.

Volleyball Tip of the Week: Continuous Setting Warmup

By Junior Volleyball Association 05/10/2018, 11:00pm CDT

Magnum Volleyball Club based in Columbia, South Carolina, shares a warm-up drill called Continuous Setting that has a three-part progression. It gives players a lot of ball control touches in a short amount of time while collaborating.

Volleyball Tip of the Week: Knight Control Drill

By Junior Volleyball Association 05/03/2018, 11:30pm CDT

Academy Hoosierland of Bloomington, Indiana, shares the Knight Control Drill that focuses on out-of-system setting, out-of-system attacking, defensive movement, ball control and coverage movement.

A Letter to High School Athletes

By Kyle Shondell, Junior Volleyball Association 05/02/2018, 12:00pm CDT

The academic programs and reputation, the buildings or campus, the feeling you have when walking around the university or meeting students; those are the factors that will stick with you. 

Volleyball Tip of the Week: Fix-It Wash Drill

By Junior Volleyball Association 04/26/2018, 6:15pm CDT

Axis Elite of Simpsonville, South Carolina, shares a wash drill called Fix-It Drill that can be played four-on-four or six-on-six. It focuses on correcting an error immediately after it happens, both offensive and defensive.

How to Reduce Attack Errors

By Jasmine Middleton, Youth1 04/26/2018, 12:00pm CDT

An effective attack is all about having a relaxed approach, and someone who seems stiff on attack may be apt to hit the ball wide or long. 

Boys Volleyball Is on the Rise

By Junior Volleyball Association 04/24/2018, 12:00pm CDT

Team bonding, 1on1 conversations, goal setting, mid-season evaluations, and forming personal connections with athletes have become as important as building effective practice plans.

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