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Articles by Twin Cities Orthopedics

See a Doctor, or Wait and See?

By Twin Cities Orthopedics 09/30/2019, 4:45pm CDT

Nobody wants to lose valuable training time, or take time off during a sports season, and (frankly) our culture glamorizes playing through the pain, so it’s often easier to just sit back and ignore it. However, injuries left untreated can make matters worse and even lead to long-term issues.

When to Visit Orthopedic Urgent Care

By Twin Cities Orthopedics 09/27/2019, 6:00pm CDT

One thing’s for sure: That spill you took hurt. But does the pain require immediate attention from a specialist? Maybe it can wait for a scheduled appointment. It can be tough to tell.

Is Your Child Injured, or Just Temporarily Sore?

By Twin Cities Orthopedics 09/25/2019, 8:45am CDT

Parents remind us every day how difficult it can be to identify whether a child is experiencing short-term pain and soreness versus suffering from an injury requiring immediate medical attention. These four questions (and two tips!) should help.


This content is presented in partnership with Twin Cities Orthopedics. Twin Cities Orthopedics is committed to providing world-class service to everyone we encounter. Our independent orthopedic specialists deliver individualized care informed by active research and outcomes data. TCO prides itself on being an innovative, nimble organization that can adapt quickly to an ever-changing healthcare environment. 

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