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Can I specify an event is practice or game?


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Other sports management platforms can mark an event as "practice" or "game".  Is this possible with SportsEnging? 

It would be very helpful for those people (friends/family/HS player parents) to be able to subscribe to just the game schedule and not see all the other details that go into managing a team.

**If this is possible** could someone point me to documentation that shows how this is done, so I can forward that to the folks who manage our team calendar?

If not, please add this as a feature request.

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You can create “events” and “games” under Season Management - not sure about Sports Management.

The ability to split out a calendar by type is not built into the system, and even using the iCal feed and a filtered list won’t work because filtered lists on the events filter by locations. The only way I can think to do it would be to double up your teams for every team and create events on one and games on the other. That would make other parts of the system messy though.

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