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iScore not updating my league scores


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Hey all, our league is LOVING the new sport ngin site since i brought it online.  One thing I have been having difficulty with is the fact that I cant seem to get iScore games that were discovered, imported, scored then exported successfully to sync up with our games on our site.  This is a major functionality that we wanted and I have not had any success with the support team on this.  Has anyone else had these issues?


Andy C.

Lakewood Village Little League


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Hey adcarr, 


I just checked in with Kristi in Support and I know she has been working on this issue and was happy to say it was resolved. 


Here's some case info from Kristi for others who might be using iScore:

We were finally able to pinpoint an error in our integration process, and many outstanding iScore games have now synced back to Sport Ngin sites. Here's a link to a "Best Practices" that should be helpful: 

Kristi also reports that there should be more significant improvements to the integration before too long.  

Stay tuned!


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