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Divorced parents, need to add 2 parents to team



I have two players with divorced parents, meaning if I want to message out to the team information, only one of the parents is signed up.  Do I need to have Player A with Parent 1 and Player A with Parent 2 to do this (in other words have double the player so that I can have both parents.  


This is a common fact of the current world, having divorced parents or even guardians (ie player lives with a guardian & parent).   In my own account, my two sons have myself and my wife listed as backup, but in modern world, two parents together is not always the case.  







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It is very nice to have that all in one spot Jim, thank you and that Guardian report is very helpful!


1) regarding no texts - I just sent a message from groups and newsletters and my text notifications are back!  So that is good news.  Is this stable now??  (our goal is to get rid of Remind texts that we currently send out)


2) regarding  changing email and phone in a player profile, I am still am not seeing those changes reflected in Settings.  Attached.  Is someone working on this?



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