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Admin PAGE? Just signed up for sportsengineHQ for a brand new league

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Hi I just signed up and paid for sportsengineHQ for a new 501c3 softball organization. I received receipt for invoice and activated account via email. WHen I login to sports engine - I dont see any options for admin consol and to get help - I just see all articles saying go to "your website" and click help. I dont have a website yet. 


Is this something that will get setup by sportsengine and them I will be notified and able to access? 

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Not an employee - just a user.

Were you all not connected with an account manager to onboard you? That’s what happened for our organization within a day or less of payment in spring 2023. That’s how I was pointed to our site.

And the organization should show up under “My Teams” or “My Organizations.”

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I have been talking with an employee through email, but I figured it was just a sign up and be given access.  I didn't realize the account had to be onboarded.  Maybe that's all it is.  I just sent them an email, so maybe I'll get a response on Monday.

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