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Make sure your team is having fun while learning the right techniques and developing their skills with some of SportsEngine's favorite practice drills and activities.

Training Tips: Step Behind Drill

By Blast Motion 08/15/2019, 10:00am CDT

Feeling comfortable and powerful at the plate can make a huge difference in a hitter’s success. Try the Step Behind drill from Blast Motion to help your hitters create more power.

Training Tips: Live Elevation Drill

By Blast Motion 08/15/2019, 10:00am CDT

The building blocks of the swing are essential. Use the Live Elevation drill from Blast Motion to help your hitters flow through movements and let the swing work from the ground up

Training Tips: Slapper Drill

By Blast Motion 08/15/2019, 10:00am CDT

Are you a slapper? Try the Trigger, Trigger, Fire drill from Blast Motion to improve your balance, power, and overall slapping skills.

Training Tips: Impact Big Drill

By Blast Motion 08/15/2019, 9:45am CDT

Having a strong foundation is a critical part to becoming an elite athlete. With the Impact Bag drill from Blast Motion, coaches can help their hitters learn the importance of self-organizing their body to make contact. 

Training Tips: Understanding Bat Size

By Blast Motion 08/15/2019, 9:45am CDT

Not sure what length or weight bat your hitter should be using? Learn how you can use Blast Motion to gain a better understanding of the size bat they should be swinging for increased success.

Training Tips: 6 Ball Drill

By Blast Motion 08/15/2019, 9:30am CDT

Want to help your hitters improve their pitch selection? Try the 6 Ball Drill from Blast Motion.

Teaching Teamwork Skills in Youth Sports

By Emilee Bounds and Tim Baghurst, TrueSport 08/13/2019, 8:15pm CDT

Youth sports allow young people to learn teamwork at an early age and experience succeed-or-fail situations in a safe environment. With each failure comes a lesson, and with every success comes confidence.

What Do Parents Expect For Their Kids in Youth Sports

By Glen Mulachy, Paradigm Sports 08/12/2019, 8:00pm CDT

Think about it being your mission statement for WHY you coach, what your raison d’ê·tre (reason for being) which goes hand in hand with your core values that you have learned from parents, family, education, work etc.

5 Circuit Workout For Softball Players

By Alexandra Gramatikas, Rip-It 08/12/2019, 7:30pm CDT

These circuits should each be done 4 days a week, every week. Every circuit should be repeated three times. 

Launch Angle is a Measurable

By The Hitting Vault 08/08/2019, 12:15pm CDT

There are many misconceptions about Launch Angle, here is the truth from The Hitting Vault.
The Hitting Vault’s Coach Matt Lisle answers important hitting questions from coaches around the country.

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