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Tennis Doubles Strategy

By Optimum Tennis 11/08/2018, 12:00pm CST

You will be able to prepare better to play the net game with a first serve than with a second serve. Missing your first serve can also frustrate your partner which might affect his or her play.

Rafael Nadal Finishes Marathon Match Win With Pure Class

By Michelle R. Martinelli, For the Win 09/06/2018, 12:00pm CDT

After nearly five hours on a humid court, he knew it would be a difficult loss for whichever one of them was eliminated, and he continued to express his sympathy for Thiem.

Five Quick Tips for Learning How to Rally in Tennis

By CoachUp Nation 08/21/2018, 12:00pm CDT

We want to remember that tennis is sending and receiving. We also want to modify the game so you can develop a particular skill. 

Tennis Drills for Beginners

By Optimum Tennis 07/26/2018, 12:00pm CDT

As the student learns to play better tennis, the amount of successful crosscourt shots without missing should increase. The crosscourt shot is the main shot all good tennis players have in their arsenal.

Tennis Basics: Learning to Play

By Tomaz Mencinger, Optimum Tennis 06/21/2018, 12:00pm CDT

One of the most common mistakes when learning to play tennis is learning the basic groundstroke technique from the start, which means that the player is being taught to make a full turn and execute a full swing at the ball.

Tips to Win a Tennis Match

By Optimum Tennis 06/14/2018, 12:00pm CDT

You may be feeling nervous, your stomach might be jittery and your muscles tensed. All of these emotions and feelings can easily become out of control and take over during a tennis match if they are not properly maintained.

Tennis Workout and Training Programs

By Mark Kovacs, Optimum Tennis 05/30/2018, 12:00pm CDT

Every resistance exercise program must contain exercises that address the demands inherent in the sport or activity the athlete performs. 

Tennis Doubles Drills

By Optimum Tennis 05/25/2018, 12:00pm CDT

Having both players positioned at the net is one of the best tennis double strategies to win a point because the net is well covered.

Tennis Drills: How to Practice Mental Training on Court

By Tennis Mind Game 05/10/2018, 12:00pm CDT

Some of the drills are of the more general nature, like serving drills, which apply to all serving situations.

Serve Toss Tennis Drill For Accurate Ball Placement

By FeelTennis 05/07/2018, 12:00pm CDT

When the tossing arm doesn’t end up in a vertical position at the end of the loading phase, it means that the body is not at the right angle to accelerate the racquet upward.

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