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Bake and candy bar sales, car washes, and coupon books are often what people think of when it comes to fundraising for your organization. However, there are many other, more effective ways to raise money. Check out other ideas and ways that you can help ensure the financial health of your organization. 

Roadmap to Success: Map out your Program

By Jim Dahline 09/19/2019, 3:00pm CDT

In our first article in the Roadmap to Success Series we talk about the importance of mapping out your program prior to the start of the season.

Introducing the Roadmap to Success Series

By Jim Dahline 08/27/2019, 9:45am CDT

An introduction to our new blog series, the Roadmap to Success, will give youth sports organizations the answer to the all-important question, "How do I get started?"

Roadmap to Success

By SportsEngine 08/16/2019, 9:15am CDT

Use this roadmap to guide you through the steps you need to take before, during, and after every season’s registration period.

3 Ways to Up Your Fundraising Game

By Snap! Raise 06/13/2019, 11:30am CDT

Here are three tips to keep your kids enjoying club sports, without you having to make financial sacrifices.

Your Sports Organization's Technology, Business Consultant

By Sam Wigness, SportsEngine 01/29/2019, 11:45am CST

SportsEngine account managers help youth associations maximize their technology

“When I broke down and reached out to him I realized how much of a rock star he is and how he can help us.”

Introducing the new SportsEngine HQ

By Jim Dahline 12/13/2018, 3:00pm CST

SportsEngine HQ is the new, easy-to-use dashboard that brings all of your SportsEngine tools to one single location.

Ice Crisis: Arenas Around the Nation Facing Costly Upgrades to Cooling Systems

By Sam Wigness, SportsEngine 12/03/2018, 2:45pm CST

Required switch to more environmentally friendly coolant could put some small town rinks out of business

Although phasing out R-22 is beneficial to the ozone layer, it presents a significant challenge to many of the nearly 1,800 refrigeration-dependent ice rinks in the United States.

Association Avoids Passing Rising Costs to Parents

By Nate Repensky, SportsEngine 10/30/2018, 11:45am CDT

Abundance of sponsorships keep hockey in northern Minnesota town affordable

Rates for participation are $250 for the Mite level, $425 for the Squirt level and $500 for the Pee Wee and Bantam level and haven’t increased in nearly a decade – a feat that is almost unheard of in many youth associations.

Four Ways to Fundraise for Your Team

By Positive Coaching Alliance 07/17/2018, 12:00pm CDT

Is your sports team in high school or college? Put your team’s skills to use and organize a day camp for elementary or middle school children. Hosting a kids camp can both raise money and educate children about sports and exercise.

Wyoming Baseball Program Leans Heavily on Sponsors

By Nate Repensky, SportsEngine 05/30/2018, 4:45pm CDT

Players, parents, extended family all involved in raising money used in $100,000 operating budget

Public schools don't provide funding, so Post 6, which is home to six teams of junior high and high school-aged players, has turned to an effective sponsorship program to give kids the opportunity to play at the high school level.

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