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How to Stay in Compliance With the Safe Sport Act

By Jim Dahline, SportsEngine 09/14/2018, 1:30pm CDT

The Safe Sport Act requires clubs, leagues and associations to implement abuse prevention training. Here's a quick look at how organizations use SportsEngine for their safety program.


The Safe Sport Act: How Does It Affect Me?

By Loren Nelson, SportsEngine 07/17/2018, 12:30pm CDT

Answers to the most common questions about the nation's new youth sports safety and abuse prevention requirements

The Safe Sport Act, which expands existing mandated youth abuse reporting laws and requires abuse awareness training for youth sports organizations, comes in response to the recent abuse scandals that have shaken the youth sports world.

Sports Organizations Rethinking Safety Standards

By Sean Jensen, SportsEngine 07/16/2018, 10:30am CDT

Continued wave of school shootings have club operators exploring ways to keep their facilities safe

Governing sports bodies, including the Junior Volleyball Association, are reassessing safety expectations, standards and practices. But solutions are costly, tricky and time consuming to vet.

Background Checks Are a Buyer-Beware Proposition

By Loren Nelson, SportsEngine 03/16/2018, 12:00pm CDT

Discounted screenings often ignore local databases that can be costly to mine for information

There’s no sense in comparing the differences in companies that offer background screenings - and how they collect their data - if there isn’t a deep-rooted conviction to keep children safe.

SportsEngine Webinar Series: Safety on the SportsEngine Platform

By Jim Dahline, SportsEngine 02/07/2018, 8:15pm CST

Last time, we looked at background screening and in this webinar, we'll look at other ways to keep your organization safe on the SportsEngine platform.

SportsEngine Webinar Series: Introduction to Background Screening

By Jim Dahline, SportsEngine 02/01/2018, 5:45pm CST

By the end of the webinar, you'll be familiar with setting up and using background screening with SportsEngine.

The Problem with Taylor Swift

By Marie Fitzgerald, SportsEngine 10/30/2017, 2:30pm CDT

Make sure your organization isn't cutting corners on background screenings.

Understanding Background Checks: How You Can Help Keep Children Safe

By Rachael Sheinfeld, SSCI 08/30/2017, 1:45pm CDT

Tips for helping your youth sports organization find a background check that meets your standards. 

Create Social Media Boundaries for Your Children

By Sean Jensen 08/09/2017, 4:15pm CDT

Over two-plus decades, Reggie Roberts witnessed how the globalization of the digital revolution impacted the NFL

Sports Organizations Reassessing Safety Expectations, Standards

By Sean Jensen, SportsEngine 04/17/2016, 5:00pm CDT

Gun violence has club owners and directors devising new ways to keep kids safe

Steve Sack, owner of Michigan Elite Volleyball Club, is installing a new video system that enables him and staffers to monitor the facility from their phones, even offsite.

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