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There’s no right or wrong way of being an athlete, everyone’s situation is different. These are just some things to think about when deciding what athletic path to take. Learn the in and outs and pros and cons of getting involved in the recruiting process.

What You Need to Know About Disordered Eating in Athletes

By TrueSport 08/15/2019, 10:45am CDT

Here's what you need to know about disordered eating to help your athlete develop a healthy relationship with food and navigate their nutritional choices when it comes to eating to fuel their sport performance.

How to Get Recruited For College Lacrosse Part 1: Finding the "Right Fit"

By SkylerBell, Alpha Lacrosse 08/07/2019, 12:45pm CDT

Be responsible and accountable for your recruiting experience. You need to be proactive and market your skills for college recruiters.

Seven Things You Need to Know About Volleyball Recruiting

By Next College Student Athlete 08/01/2019, 2:30pm CDT

College volleyball is highly selective, so it is important to be prepared for the recruiting process. When recruits are reaching out to coaches, they should send a highlight video, especially to coaches in division levels that may be a good fit. Your highlight video should showcase your athletic and mental ability on the court.

The recruiting process can be complicated, and with changes to the NCAA recruiting rules, even more myths and misconceptions arise. It is important to know the facts about the recruiting process at all times. The best way to do this is by staying up-to-date on the NCAA rules. We have outlined some of the most common myths and misconceptions in recruiting.

The 3 Metrics Every Baseball & Softball Player Should Track

By Blast Motion 07/25/2019, 7:45pm CDT

Today’s athletes have access to a wealth of sport-specific data that can offer insights on strengths and weaknesses. With this wealth of data, you should start with these three metrics.

Using Data to Aide in Recruitment

By Blast Motion 07/25/2019, 7:30pm CDT

Competition for these scholarships is intense–only about 2% of high school athletes are awarded college athletic scholarships. So how do you stand out in a crowded field?

Which Sports Are Easiest To Get A Scholarship For?

By Next College Student Athlete 07/17/2019, 3:00pm CDT

Often times, student-athletes believe that if they are good enough, they will automatically receive a scholarship, but unfortunately, that isn’t the case. Although everyone doesn’t receive a scholarship, there are a few sports where it’s a little easier.

Recruiting Questions for Soccer Players

By Next College Student Athlete 07/12/2019, 4:45pm CDT

Get answers to all the recruiting questions you were afraid to ask

There are some common recruiting questions that soccer players have when they are going through the recruiting process. Having a better understanding of these common questions will help you navigate the process efficiently.

What Do Camp Invites From College Coaches Really Mean?

By Next College Student Athlete 07/11/2019, 3:30pm CDT

Attending camps can be a great opportunity in your recruiting journey. But what does an invite from a coach really mean? And how do you know if it’s specific to you or generic? Use this guide to gauge which camps will provide you with the best recruiting opportunities.

When Do College Coaches Evaluate Athletes?

By Next College Student Athlete 06/27/2019, 12:00pm CDT

How do you go about getting evaluated by college coaches? As you decide which camps and tournaments you want to attend this summer, make sure you have a game plan for your upcoming events. Here are some tips for getting college coaches to evaluate you.

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