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Removing the Financial Burden to Play Youth Sports

By Jillian Idle, WPTV, 02/28/19, 12:00PM CST


“I love their practice plan. It’s one day a week, it’s only on Sundays and you know many parents work long hours but Sundays I can dedicate to sports,”

If you’re a parent that’s strapped for cash, it turns out your kids are probably sitting on the sidelines too. A national survey by the Sports and Fitness Industry Association shows the less you make the less likely your kids ages 6 to 12-years-old are to play a sport. However, volunteers with Creator’s Game are working hard to change that statistic in Palm Beach County by bringing lacrosse to underprivileged neighborhoods.

“I think when we first pulled out the sticks they were like, 'What is this?' " said Chris Southard. Every Wednesday Southard and a group of volunteers show up to Twin Lakes Park to teach lacrosse. They typically will spend time running through drills and then play a pick up game of lacrosse with whichever kids show up to the park that day.