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Is Hockey Training Safe for Youth Hockey Players?

By Dan Garner, Hockey Training, 02/26/19, 12:00PM CST


In reality, the safety risks of doing controlled dryland and/or gym-based exercise is far less than with football, hockey, running, baseball, gymnastics, martial arts, and many other popular sports.

We often get asked here at Hockey Training whether or not it is safe for younger athletes to do some training in order to become a better hockey player. To be honest, this is a great question because I can totally get where every parent and coach is coming from because they only want what’s absolutely best for their young ones. Today, I want to address this topic head-on so that we can end the conversation surrounding what’s reallyholding young players back from becoming the best versions of themselves.

Is Youth Hockey Training Safe?

The topic of training and safety for youth athletes has been circulating for decades, mostly just within the United States and Canada though as other countries have been routinely training their athletes at a young age for a long time now.