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Tips for Platform and Springboard Diving Beginners

By The Real Buzz, 02/14/19, 12:00PM CST


Dry land equipment does not just help you to perfect your diving technique, dry land equipment can also help you to avoid injury

Do progress gradually

Do not, we repeat, do not boldly climb the springboard ladder at your local pool in the mild hope that you’re going to be a natural at diving. Although diving can be an extremely safe sport, there are dangers, and if you are new to diving you will need to train in order to prepare for the moment when you first use the springboard.

If you are a complete diving novice, start simply by doing a sitting dive. To do this, sit on the edge of the pool with your feet resting on either the swimming pool trough or the rail. Put your arms into the diving position and, with your head between your arms, raise your hips before launching yourself into the water.