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When Will Parents Start Standing Up for Coaches?

By J.P. Nerbun, I Love to Watch You Play, 02/11/19, 12:00PM CST


As parents, lets speak up and try to be a positive, supportive voice. Focus on the things your child’s coach is doing right.

A coach in my mentorship program sent me this letter, and I am not going to lie—I teared up. The letter was addressed and sent to his athletic director—not even the coach himself. The coach has faced strong vocal opposition by a group of the parents in the program this season, and it’s been a daily struggle for this man and his family.

Still, through it all, he stayed committed to being a transformational coach—one who values the person over the player and tries to build character, not just athletic skills. So, finally, it felt like he was getting some support and acknowledgment for his efforts.