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Creating the Perfect Marketplace App Listing

By SportsEngine Marketplace, 02/05/19, 1:15PM CST


Tips and tricks to create the best SportsEngine Marketplace listing

Your SportsEngine Marketplace listing is the most important first step in becoming a Marketplace Partner. Here are 10 ways to make your listing stand out and be effective. 

1. Name

  • Must be less than 50 characters long

Pro Tip: Your App’s name is important and it should not only include your brand name. Use simple words that have descriptors of what your app’s functionality is. Make sure users have the right first impression of what you can provide them and that it matches what they are looking for.

2. App Type

  • Choice between an app (technology) or a service (business consulting)

Pro Tip: No tips here, decide whether you provide an application or a service that benefits the youth sports ecosystem.

3. Summary

  • Choice between an app (technology) or a service (business consulting)

Pro Tip: This description will appear right within search results and on your app/service’s card within the Marketplace. This is your first chance to leave an impression on users who are searching for a solution to a problem that your app or service could solve. Make sure you are short and concise but are providing value to users.

4. Description

  • Listing page description of how and why users should use your App or Service
  • No requirement for length

Pro Tip: This will be the main section of your listing once a user clicks into your specific app or service from the search page. It should really include what your app does and how it can benefit whatever specific group of people you are targeting for the problems that they have. The description should explain in full what your app or service does and written in a way that someone who has no idea about your offerings would understand.

Your App should really tell a story of what the user would go through and how the app or service you provide is a value add to them. Instead of trying to sell them with features and benefits - take them through the user journey of someone using your app or service.

Provide the user with only the key features of the app - these will usually relate directly to core functionality you offer. The more specific you can be the better

Testimonials and 3rd party reviews are always valuable and can give your app/service credibility that users will trust.

5. Logo

  • Size of image must be at least 320x320 pixels
  • Icon logos work best

Pro Tip: Your logo is a very important piece to your app listing, if a user is not drawn to your logo, they may never even take the time to read the listing at all. Make sure you are using a logo that fits well in the space allotted and pops

6. Images

  • Size of images must be at least 750x450 pixels
  • Total of 4 images are allowed

Pro Tip: Ensure your images are clean and crisp. A blurry image will deter users from learning more. Showcase your product the best way you can through these 4 images.

7. Categories

  • Choose all categories that apply to your App or Service from the list
  • Make sure that you are only choosing categories that your App or Service can assist users with. Don’t lead them astray just to get your brand in front of more eyes.

Pro Tip: While you may think it is best to get in as many categories as possible, it will not help if users go to search a category and find an app or service that does not meet their needs. Make sure your app is a correct fit to the categories that you are selecting.

8. Audience

  • Choose all user groups that apply; Sports Families, Coach and Team Admins, Club and League Admins

Pro Tip: Ensure these categories are the target audience for your product or service. Put yourself in the shoes of your audience, if it provides value, then it is a good fit.

9. Website URL

  • Link to your company website for users to learn more about the App/Service

Pro Tip: This link should be different than your “Getting Started” CTA - this can bring a user to the homepage of your website.

10. “Getting Started” URL

  • This link should be your CTA and bring the user to a landing page that allows them to download your app or activate

Pro Tip: A landing page is perfect for this. Direct visitors to a page that can teach them about your product quickly, and allow them to shop directly.