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Coaching the Wide Receiver – Blocking In Space

By Drew Lieberman, USA Football, 02/04/19, 12:00PM CST


As long as the offensive player maintains a low, solid base and continues to run his feet, he has a great chance to win the blocking matchup.

It is often perceived that “blocking in space” at the wide receiver position is simply a battle of wills between the receiver and the defender he assigned to block. Although the first step to becoming a great perimeter blocker is the desire and willingness to block, it is the technical details of the art of perimeter blocking that make up great run blocking wide receivers. As a coach, it is useful to break down the mechanics of run blocking into tangible concepts that the players can buy into executing each play.

Even more important than teaching the technical details of run blocking is the atmosphere created around run blocking in the wide receiver room. The goal is to make the group excited about using their physicality to impact the game and gain a mental advantage over their opponents.