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23 Basketball Footwork Drills – For Coaches

By Basketball Breakthrough, 01/24/19, 12:00PM CST


All of the greatest players to ever play the game had effortless pivot and counter moves and used them appropriately.

Footwork must have a purpose; if footwork is good in one area of the game, it’s good in all areas of the game. That means on offense, it can control and dictate a helpless defender and on defense creating indecision in the offensive player being guarded.

Proper footwork is essential in supporting a player’s overall performance on offense and defense. We have identified 4 keys to building proper footwork of beginners, intermediate to advanced players. While this is not THE list, it’s a list to support what we have discovered to work for our coaches that have supported Breakthrough Basketball over the last 10 years. Some may be tried and true concepts and others may be introduced for the first time to you.