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Offseason Training for Soccer

By Online Soccer Academy , 01/18/19, 12:00PM CST


Wear an ipod or music player while training by yourself! It gets lonely and sometimes un inspiring training on your own! 

When your season ends you should first take a week or two off. Let your body rest up and your mind be refreshed. Watch more movies then usual, read books, rest and relax. Sounds crazy I'm telling you to take time off, but taking a break makes you that much more hungry to train when you get started again. 

Set Offseason Goals:

You want to set offseason goals. Like I want to improve my shooting, my speed of play, my juggling. Pick 2-3 goals that you can accomplish. Write them down and post them on your bedroom wall! 

How often should you train?

Decide first why it is you are training. Are you training to make your high school team, travel team, college team, do you want to be pro?