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Why Kids Should Run

By Avinash Sagran, Expatriate LifeStyle, 01/10/19, 12:00PM CST


Running is an easy sport to pick up, but children should still have guidance and training to get a better grasp of their capabilities.

Encouraging your child to go out and play is important, as physical activity is great for cognitive, social and mental development.

Running is the ideal type of exercise for families as it’s fun, cost effective and can be done anywhere, even on holiday. Children are naturally inclined to run during play, so parents should channel this energy towards sports. Besides, running is one of the easiest to get started on.

Happy Kid, Happy Parents 
The best part of running is that it gives the child a sense of purpose and boosts their self-esteem and confidence. Remember the feeling of acing a test or beating your sibling in a game? Our body releases endorphins (hormones secreted within the brain that make you feel happy) when running and this, coupled with the joy of being outdoors and the thrill of finishing a run, is a recipe for success.