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The Invisible Competition: Athletes and Mental Health

By Shainna Ali Ph.D., LMHC, Psychology Today, 01/09/19, 12:00PM CST


Phelps, DeRozan and Love serve as examples that achievement, success and wealth are not barriers to developing mental health concerns.

Celebrities have been opening up about their mental health struggles. Kristen Bell, Gabrielle Union, Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, Mariah Carey, and Prince Harry are among the stars who have been sharing their diverse stories, from struggles with anxiety to trauma. Athletes are among the celebrities who are using their platform to promote mental health awareness.

Michael Phelps, DeMar DeRozan, and Kevin Love have all recently stepped forward, and are shattering the misconception that their battles to success were merely physical feats. Phelps clarifies that what we may have seen as rogue behavior resulting in arrests were actually evidence of his struggles with anxiety and depression.